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I Wanna Fly Like an Eagle

"Oh man - I'm totes lime green jello" - N. Zarbano. Indeed chap. Indeed.

May 7th:
Come fly away. Come fly away. Come fly away with me.....that is until the most prompt nonstop mode of transportation to the airport (rail) decides to completely be an assface and untimely break up with his life long girlfriend, ms. electricity. Stranded. Not only stranded on a train in a foreign country, but stranded on a train in a foreign country with a cab full of anxious passengers all planning for upcoming flights - just imagine the stress in that windows-sealed cab. People in the back were teaming up and devising how to overcome the "man" if they ever got the moment. The front of the cab was speaking a language unbeknownst to me. I don't believe it was even of this earth. It seemed to be a tongue of another planet. The cabin was muggy and the heat may have been getting to my brain a little.... I believe if someone, intentionally or not, ripped one at this very moment they would have been beheaded and/or jettisoned without fair trial in order to establish precedence. 10 minutes passed. 20 minutes. 45 minutes. After a little over an hour, the train began to move slowly. It was a comical eternity, however, occasionally the driver would come over the intercom and, at first, all the mice on board would stand in attention in hopes of delightful news to come our way, yet none never did. The captain, whom I declared by (internally) yelling "Oh Captain, my Captain!" each time the invisible voice serenaded the train cabs, would always gently voice the fact that he really had no clue when we were going to start moving. Basically, he stated that when the trains started to move... we would be on our way. Extremely insightful he was. One hour and some odd minutes later, we are on our way.

As we neared this mythical airport station, which I determined to be make believe because we were destined to die on these tracks, the pack of wild beasts, belligerent on stress, assembled their numbers at the rear doors while foaming at the mouths with white knuckle death grips on their luggage handles. Doors open. It was like the countdown clock at the beginning of the hunger games and death would come upon them if the did not make their gate by door close. Enough about them.

Debbie and I did the math and accepted the fact that our intended flight would be 2 persons lighter. Therfore we needn't hurry to the gate just to get rejected with a shut door. However, a small bit of their contagion adrenaline overtook me. Seconds after the pack raced off the train I followed suit. I assumed Debbie was behind doing the same. Hundred sprinted through the hallways from the rail tube through the tunnels beneath the airport grounds all with that little hope that we will make it. We will be victorious. As my heart rate increased and the fellow marathoners became a blur, I decided to take a chill pill and join my aunt whom was casually strolling through the chaotic storm and somehow avoiding a trampling. We made it to the airline counter. I attempted to sweet talk/corrupt the cute employee into calling in a mechanical error (or something of the like) in order to delay the plane just 30 minutes. No luck.

The next flight out was the following morning. As much as I loved England, it was time to get to Germany. We had hotels awaiting our awesome beings, oh and the fact that my cousin, Abby0 (State Fair) was at the Munich airport prepared to greet us with a smile that streches from Munich to Tokyo. Crunch time. We checked other airlines. We considered overnight train trips. My cousin Matt was a Godsend and graciously assisted us in finding another flight to Munich departed 3 hours later... from another London airport. Debbie nearly peed her pants in excitement (possibly me portraying my feelings at her expense) okay fine, this was a spontaneous, fun, unknown, interesting adventure. Would we be in London for another night? Would I meet a female Brit because we unfortunately missed our flight and "fate" brought us together as I drank my sorrows from the days disappointment at a nearby pub. (note that I cringed when I typed fate, however it was necessary in order to drive home this tangent of utmost importance). Back to the story, we played the audible card. Caught a car from the London Gatwick airport and sped to London Heathrow. Success. Made it in time to check baggage, grab a bite, and most importantly enjoy one last London pint. Relaxation time. Side note: British Airways is a gold medalist in the skies.

Made it to Munchen. Customs was a breeze. No lost luggage this time. Found the foreign cousin awaiting our arrival. Bless her for her four hour wait. The travel to the hotel was smooth. First meal in Germany was Mediterranean. It was all that was open. Judge me not, lest thou be judged...err something like that.

By the way, said farewell/until next time to the amazing couple and twins. (below)


Sun's out gun's out. Mind is drifting. Take care, Nation.


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