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Los Geht's!

May 8th:

Itinerary for the day: waketh at the butt crack of dawn, or what seemed to be due to the mess of a travel day on the previous day, 10.5 hour tour scheduled in the Alps at Eagle's Nest, relax while imbibing in german suds and devouring brats and/or schnitzel.

Oddly enough, the morning began as planned. We were awoken by our peaceful and inviting alarms and gleefully Parkour'ed our way 2-3 blocks. We found our tour bus pick-up location quite easily and ahead of schedule - how about that? Therefore a much need plethora of espresso was in my near future. Espresso, check. Delicious German pastry with a name sounding like hacking up phlem, check. Boarding of tour bus, ________ . Apparantly the tour company website was filled with absolute rubbish. The (prepaid) tour I was interested in does not begin until the middle of May whereas the website claimed it was already touring. If that isn't be biggest load of bollocks, I don't know what is. Sorry to be a negative Nancy here, but am I right? Your business model isn't that complicated mr. touring company. Lease/buy buses. Hire competent drivers. Outsource to an upper-division computer science college kid to build your website. Accept funds from customers. I may have found a new industry. Make Euro, Euro! Make Euro, Euro - EUROOOO!

Anyways, transitioning back to reality, we decided to find this local, small Munchen coffee shop - I believe it was named something along the lines of StradtsBrucken... who am I kidding, it was Starbucks - can't really "pretty" that one up. Our time here was spent nurturing our wifi needs and planning an alternative event for the day. We decided that if we couldn't go visit the location where Hitler enjoyed tea in th Alps, then we would experience one of the most tragic locations on earth - Dachau concentration camp and memorial. Kind of went to other way on that one.

It was a somber yet eerily peaceful experience. Over 200,000 came to this specific camp (most likely many more that were never registered). Nearly 45,000 - 50,000 did not make it out alive. I highly recommend the personal audio tour for this visit. You will receive all the information at your own pace, thus giving you a chance to stand and reflect, which I also recommend. Out of respect, I will only post a few pictures. The entrance and gate.


After taking the train back to center city Munchen, we were all in agreement that it was time for an adult beverage. In order to mark another item off the bucket list, we proceeded to Hofbrauhaus. For those Oklahomans, imagine Fassler Hall (Tulsa and OKC) and Royal Bavaria (OKC/Moore) had drunken encounter and nine months later the product was a multi leveled goliath beer hall with liters on the left and on the right. (prepare for another Oprah reference) "YOU get a Liter! And YOU get a liter! and YOU get a liter!" I believe everything breathing within a tenth mile had a liter in hand. Even the babies. It was a fun and beautiful sight.

Misc photos of said location:


Oh and here is me with Glenn from the Walking Dead:

We ended the evening with a long stroll back to the hotel. Oh yeah I may have forgotten to mention that our hotel just happens to be located in the heart of the red light district - TripAdvisor dropped the ball on that description.

Oh hey, look architecture:


And then there's this gem.

(full disclosure - that was not Glenn. All in good fun people)

Peace. Love. and a Life of infinite Twinkies.
Until next time.

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