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On May 4th the world reaffirmed that not all airport travel is destined to be vampirically energy sucking, mind-numbing, colon clogging (come on, I cannot be the only one whom is affected by extended travel. Trips of over a couple hours treat this temple-like body as if I just went beast mode on a 2 foot pile of gourmet gouda followed up with a classy assault on a bushel of bananas. Jonathan knows.), unproductive, sleepy,... wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah - the Chicago airport was quite a delight. Continuing with my first/business class travel lifestyle, I coyishly demanded entry into the British Airways Business Lounge. To me this felt like the Beyond area that Bed & Bath keep a secret from the world. Honestly, the only reason I walk into that establishment is in search for this mysterious Beyond... that and I occaisionally give in to the daily 20% off mailbox hogs. Upon entry I was kindly greated by a dark eyed, pleasant human being. She requested my passport, boarding pass, social security number, date of birth, IQ and blood sample. I kid - why would she care of my intelligence? (insert confusing sideways smiling emoji here). So the lounge provided a nice whiskey, meal and free wifi entertainment while I enjoyed my 6 hour layover in the ORD.

I apologize, I noticed I was rambling again. Therefore, I'll attempt to be brief in my description of the 8 hr flight across the pond. Brilliant.

Check out that cabin and lamb dinner...


So we land in London a tad late (about 30 minutes). The weather provided the usual London expectation of depressionly beautiful clear white/grey skies. I haven't found it yet, but I'm nearly certain there is a footnote in Genisis stating that on the second day God created the water and the blue sky for all to enjoy.... except you tea obsessed Brits - may your teeth be brown and your sky be grey. Only being partially serious here, I found some blues today (see following photos). Enough about the sky. I know. After pleasantly spending nearly an hour in search for one of my Aunt's checked luggage, we were off in our Uber traversing towards London central in search for our Air bnb. First time using Uber as well as air bnb. Both were/are working out nicely.

Were are staying in a nice area near Chelsea and Kensington. A short stroll to the Earl Gray train and pubs. The pubs have been swell might I add. After a quick nap for the experienced ;), we headed to a nearby park for my cousin's twins, Bryden and Kensal, 2nd birthday party. Somehow I only managed one photo, but I did catch Bryden digging in the beer chest (see him at the end of the table)


It was a great event. The twins are getting huge. Side note, babies enjoy to stare at me. I'm sure it is the beard or the fact that I am funny looking. Definitely one of those two. Bryden opened up to me quite fast though. For instance, after about 10 minutes we were so tight Bryden looked at me as one homie would look at another, then he offered to share his food. His pre-chewed, moist cracker/cheese straight from his mouth and aimed for my hand. I was like, thanks bro, but I'm full. Only two years of age yet this a Gent.

After the party we visited Matt and Kira's flat and then off to the pub! Wonderful first London meal of Bangers and Mash washed down with local brews. We viewed the domination of Arsenal v Hull at the Pub. Then figured we would call it a night...

The trip home ended up in us finding our way into a "secret" speakeasy named the Goat. A quaint little bar above another, with a dimly lit staircase in the back which led to the top. Wonderful cocktails. Great tunes. Even better company. While Matt was busy adding to his chest forest (sipping a smooth bourbon), I enjoyed a splendid version of a sour (orange addition) and my Aunt greatly enjoyed a Jamaican Me Crazy. Which so happily abliged. Moments later she requested beer nuts and the bar keep apologetically brought out a bowl of olives in attempts to satisfy her craving (btw it is late and the bar is preparing to close). She quickly turned down the olives pointed at me and said, "he wanted the nuts!" We laughed a bit and continued to finish our drinks when out of the blue a bowl of beer nuts appears on our table. How? I did not inquire. All I know is, there was no bowl of nuts. Then there was a bowl of nuts. Then there was not a bowl of nuts. Speaking of nuts:


The uber ride home was eventful. Uturns in the middle of the street and power sliding around corners. Okay, only one of those happened. I kind of want a mini-cooper now.

And here is a little ditty of that one time I choreographed a UK commercial for one of the greats... enjoy! Also, this is my morning wake up dance routine.


I will discuss the 5th at another time. Please forgive the typos, grammatical errors, etc for it is late and I frankly am sleepy.
Cheers, mates.

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