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Happy cinco de... de...beer me?

More Pints. Less Margs.

Why hello there nation. Second day/night in London and it twas a delight.

Big Ben. Westminster Abbey. The Parliament. Nude Cherubs. Hyde Park. Churchill War Rooms (sort of). Buckingham Palace. And new rides for my personal garage (lambos and Farraris).

The cure to jet lag - be awesome. Yeah I thought about getting all deep on that one, but decided... nah better not. So the 5th was a lazy morning filled with bountiful amounts of ideas for things to see and historic grounds to walk on/around. The night before we planned out an amazing flexible itinerary of which only foolish, yet brilliant and wonderful, persons would not be able to follow.... Let's just say alarm set for 8 and we didn't leave the flat to begin this amazing journey until about ... how about noon...yeah that's fair. Rest is for champions.

Before judgement is cast, let me say that we did accomplish all of the aformentioned wonderous adventures. Boom.

I know that last statement was complete bollocks and that you would never judge, however, there is a very slim possibility... and the backspace is just too far away... writing these at night the day after the events take place is a little more challenging than originally thought. Creativity went to bed hours ago...

And to get back on track, after leaving the flat at a universally appropriate and acceptable time of day, only moments passed and we were standing in front of the largest and oldest Ben I've met. Ben jokes... ben jokes... ben jokes...nope i've got nothing. Deal with it. Here is a photo of the great tower


The architecture of this city is absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend investing in a good camera before your visit to London. I'm doing the best with what I have, but definitely should have upgraded my phone. My whimpy S4 camera is nearly obsolete. Had a small world experience while walking around Parliament. While navitating the flood of selfie taking tourists, I stopped for a moment to surreptitiously snap a close up of a guard sporting one hand in his pocket and the other hoisiting a machine gun (read in the voice of the one and only Alanis Morissette - my first love. not really, but really). During this near death photo experience, I noticed a grey silhouette of a man quickly approaching from the west. A grand scent billowed off his person, which reminded me of a pile of fresh samosas - yes the indian pastry of amazingness, thus making this unidentified fair skinned mate all the more interesting. With me being the professional that I am, of course I finished taking my photo prior to turning and attempting to identify the short, ethinically neutral person. Nearly the moment I snapped the photo i noticed the grasp of a blonde hair covered mitt on my right shoulder. I quickly thought to myself, this is it - the beard has finally done me in - I hope Brit jail serves bangers and mash...

As it turned out, it was my cousin Matt. He and his wife Kira were scheduled to "share tea with the Lords" (that may not be 100 percent accurate of a description, however it will have to do). We knew of their private royal tea date from our previous discussion. It just made London feel very small though when out of the hundreds of thousands of selfie taking monsters on the streets we just happened to unintentionally cross paths.

Yes, I have been rambling. I believe it is time for some photos to break up this nonsensical "thought" vomit. Here please find some shots of Parliament, Westminster Abbey (exterior as interior photography is a straight ticket to hell...or so the signs insinuated), Hyde park and Buckingham Palace. Enjoy:


After all this sight seeing and absoption of British culture, it was time to further explore the liquid culture - time for some PUB touring (i.e. drinking)! Found a lovely pub named Shakespeare and enjoyed a pint of London's finest while, of course, my Aunt refilled her wine tank. We ended up at a pub which I believe was called Drayton Arms in South Kensington (if you read it in a soft and lovely British accent, you will wish you lived there).

The conclusion of the evening simply included a late night burger run and some window shopping for a new auto (help me pick one out below).


That is all for the day. May your day be filled with butterflies, unicorns and all things happy.
Good day, Chaps!

Farr, out.

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