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Guten Morgan,

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Today marks the departure from my city to a city unknown. As we travelled by taxi from the hotel to the rather small Wiesbaden train station, I viewed a number of billboards and hand crafted signs from my people begging me to stay. These notions were well received and the city and I agreed upon terms for my residence effective immediately. Therefore, I am staying in Wiesbaden indefinitely.

Auf Wiedersehen!

This is about the time that I awoke from my short slumber. It was time to check out of the hotel and head to train number 1. Not before an absolutely glorious breakfast. I am not being facetious here either. I strongly recommend hotel breakfasts/meals in Germany. They are spectacular in nature and nourishment. We were required to train from Wiesbaden station on a regional train to the nearby Mainz station (about 10 min train) in order to switch to the high speed ICE train which lead to Cologne.

We did take a taxi to the Wiesbaden train station to guarantee our departure time would be met. Quick note for those who are not informed, trains to not wait for people even if you have reservations/have first class seats/have prevented WWIII - you are SOL if you are late. Thus supporting the fact that we taxi'd to the station rather than sprinting the 6 blocks with bags in tote. That being said, we arrived at least 10 minutes before our train departure (plenty of time in my book). Sidebar: some people like to arrive at the train 30-40 minutes ahead of time to get "settled in." I guess they want to set up camp, pitch a tent, and build a fire for smores. I'm good with 15-20 therefore I can read the boards for last minute audibles regarding platform changes etc. - btw it is very entertaining watching the ants scatter when there is a 3 or 4 lane platform change just minutes before departure.

Moving on, no train in sight. Checked the boards and no record of our train at all. Nothing. No cancellation or delay. Was ist das scheisse? Oh did I mention that our tranfer at the Mainz station was supposed to be only a 5 minute sprint from one platform the another? In the words of nephew/cousin Bryden, "Uh oooh."

Thinking on our feet, we sprint outside, hail a cab and in broken English due to the jog [pronounced 'yog'] (not even attempting to communicate in German) I ask how fast can you get us to the Mainz train station? The "experienced" elderly driver responds, "oh, 20-25 minutes." By this time we had exactly 23 minutes before we would get stranded and lose millions. Okay, not really millions, but it felt so in the heat of the moment with adrenaline pumping. My response to the driver, "how about we half that time?" Tires squeal and we're off. I sat up front. I could sense the stress levels in the back seat rising and nearing the panic point.

Suddenly we were all transported inside the video game Gran Turismo and our driver became a drifting professional. We were swerving in and out of lanes to avoid being caught by lights. It was all a blur. I swear we were driving on the sidewalk dodging pedestrians at some points during the race against time. There may have been a few "yellow-ish" red lights we coasted through. Through Wiesbaden, up and over the Rhine river, then down through the maze which Mainz calls streets. At first I despised the civil engineer which thought this would be a smart and economically efficient city layout, but as the street race of the century continued, I grabbed the "oh shit handle" above head and enjoyed the efficient rollar coaster mode of transportation. Pulled into Mainz train station. I looked at our driver and while taking off his racing helmet he portrayed an ear to ear grin which is normally only seen on the faces of children when they look up to you knowing they did a damn good job on that project/task/chore assigned. We arrived 5 minutes before our train was scheduled to depart. Let's just say that speed racer earned his tip that day.

We jump on the train. Hearts pumping. We were just reborn. Our existence was redefined. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but it was exhilarating. Deb and Ab-dog sat in the row in front of me. After that trip I was a bit thirsty. I retrieved my water bottle from my bag (this particular bottle contains a flip top in order to air tight seal the liquid inside). Bottle in left hand and I released the flip top with my thumb, while I continued to look through my bag on my right. Suddenly I hear a loud squeal from the row in front of me as well as the seat across the aisle of said row.

As you may have guessed by now, Yellowstone's famous Old Faithful geyser made an appearance on the ICE train eleventh day of May, but in the form of my water bottle. The 24 oz bottle spewed nearly 2 gallons. From waist high while sitting, traveling upwards at speeds of 65 mph, reaching the interior ceiling of the train mid-aisle and raining down over my wonderful, understanding Auntie and her unknown friend across the aisle. My Aunt leaped up screaming "OH SHI$%(&#$&@," thinking the train was leaking some unknown chemical upon her from the heavens. A German gentleman just passed before the public shower took place and looked back at my Aunt stating something along the lines of, "hah looks like you are getting your second shower of the day!" (in German so I didn't catch much). Aunt D responded with a stern-yet bold, "gibberish-gibberish-GermanNoises-Wilkommen," which translates roughly to gibberish-gibberish-GermanNoises-Welcome. The man with a confused smile then slowly backed up and continued on his way.

This day had just begun and already so many golden moments.

We arrive in Cologne, sleepy yet eager to explore the Cathedral city. It is known for its' historic cathedral on the Rhine river. Pictures at the end. Time to moderately imbibe on foods and beer at the local Brauhaus. (see photo of massive pork knuckle - Sorry Charlotte). Finally, I received the man sized meal of which I was searching. After the gigantic Wilbur-knuckle celebration in my belly commenced we decided to take a cable car up and over the Rhine in order to soak in the birdseye views of the entire city. Followed by a free self-walking tour down the Rhine river and around/in the Cologne Cathedral. The intricate details on this structure amaze me. See Photos.

The evening ended with gelato and authentic Italian food. Delicious.


"Ooh-oo child
Things are gonna be easier
Ooh-oo child
Things'll get be brighter"


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Sunday Funday with a Wiesbaden Swing

The Birth Town of A Legend Awaits

May 10:

Good day fellow lovers of life and explorers of the globe!

Today marked the last day in Munich. The city of angels...no not really, but it definitely had it's share of historic churches etc. Someone told me once that vacations are meant for rest and experiences. I completely agree. However, many unique experiences require one to sacrifice sleep for a memory that will never be forgotten. Be prepared to be disappointed for I do not have some crazy all nighter story lined up, in fact I was just softening you up for some good old fashioned complaining about not being a morning person. Last night, up til around 2 being ridiculously awesome. Train in the morning at 7:04.

6:00. Alarm sounds. Eh, I've got time. Lady roommates begin to shuffle around in their respective beds, thus meaning that I can lie still in my cacoon a bit longer. 6:15. I've got time. 6:25. Where did the ladies go?..... I've got time. 6:30 - time to Home Alone rush to get clothes on, brush teeth, gather bags and haul tail to the train station. With the exceptions of dodging a few vomit piles on the sidewalks, and having a young Gent walk with me discussing God knows what (in drunken German because he stumbled out of a strip club in between me and the ladies), the stroll to the station was quite pleasant!

Made it in time for a quick bite before having to board the train for departure. (told you I had time). German pastry and espresso will do. By this time the crew had transformed from beginning of vacation Habby (happy Abby), Happy Beard, and Auntie Deb to Grabby (Grumpy Abby), Beard, and Auntie Deb. Wait, I've been instructed to utilized the nickname Sourpuss Abby instead ;) I kid, I kid . We were all groggy and excited for the next leg of the journey.

ICE (ice baby) train time:


After 3ish hours then a train transfer in Frankfurt to complete the journey to my motherland, I stepped out of that regional rail chariot and whispered under my breath, Wiesbaden, I am home. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect, besides the obvious - a welcome home parade with liters of beer in hand of all residents cheering joyously and dancing in the streets. I won't go into detail, but my memory is that it definitely occurred in a similar manner.

We began with brunch. The trip continued in it's tradition - tiny portioned served to fat American. That's my theory at least. There's just something about walking on cobblestone which you hadn't walked in 25 years. I suppose I was a bit different back then, shorter, browner...same appearance in every other way though - surprised no one noticed me.

Guys, my city. So chill. Gorgeous. Relaxed. Christened by the Pope. On a bloody river that people congregate around to soak in the sun with choice beverage in hand. This town is beautiful. I shall retire here. Much more Urban than originally thought, however it still has the architecture of old Germany. There was a mini-castle on the Rhine. Which, of course, was where I grew up. Here are some photos that pale in comparison to the real deal.


We walked to city to view the streets/areas then ended the day on the Rhine river lounging in the sun followed by a delicious dinner on a patio on the river. This was the definition of Sunday Funday.

Stay Brilliant.


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"Is My Schnitzel Bigger?" - State Fair

Easy Breezy 9th of May,

A slight overcast "free day" to explore more of this bipolar Munchen city and soak in all of the beauty. Starting the day at the bright and early hour of...let's just say brunchtime. We decided to enjoy some coffee and eats at the hotel restaurant, which was quite delicious by the way (German hotel restaurants are quick stellar). Somehow I ended up with a child sized meal. I've been having some strange luck with ordering an entree yet only receiving a infant serving. About one bite later, it was time to venture out from our safe haven, quickly galavant past the "massage" parlors and off to a brand new day of unknown sights. To the tube!

First stop: Nymphenburg Palace oder "Castle of the Nymph." Fortunately StateFair was able to leave her travel kayak at the hotel for it was only a light sprinkle above our heads. The initial view of this Palace of Biblical proportions was a jaw dropper. See below:


These grounds are large enough to be a city of their own. Key observational words: fountains (everywhere), ponds/lakes, swans (also everywhere), geese, ducks, geese poop, flowers, jogging trails, and this is just the outside.


The inside is decorated with paintings on every wall with most ceilings adorned with custom murals of past royalty, cherubs, goddesses etc. I believe I took photos of nearly every room, therefore I will only post a few on here so as to not clog your bandwith with amazingness virtually beheading your PC. Enjoy (warning: some random goofiness may be included):


After we decided to depart from this Narnia, we decided that the stomach rumbles were uncontrollable thus forcing us to see brats, beer, and most importantly, Schnitzel!


There are not words in the English language to describe my child-like giddy and joy at this moment. Wundebar! Ausgezeichnet! Yeah those do. Being the kind and generous being that she is, Abbs believed that my plate of schnitzel was slightly smaller than her plate (again - child like portions?), therefore she insisted that her schnitzel was larger in size than mine.... couldn't argue. I accepted her offer to switch plates then proceeded to dominate all of the things in sight - beer, schnitzel, bretzel, kraut, beer, potato. This German-born bearded Euro-haircut manchild was in absolute bliss. My purpose on earth was complete.

After I awoken from my carb-coma, we got the check and travelled to the "nightlife" area. Found a dancing man-chicken, bachelor parties with ingenioius ideas for the soon to be groom (I'll save those for the next wedding party in which I'm involved), music, drumline in the square, and many more. Here are a few snaps of things that night.


May the Force be with you.

BTW - I typed this one on May 10th, therefore - Happy Mothers Day!

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Los Geht's!

May 8th:

Itinerary for the day: waketh at the butt crack of dawn, or what seemed to be due to the mess of a travel day on the previous day, 10.5 hour tour scheduled in the Alps at Eagle's Nest, relax while imbibing in german suds and devouring brats and/or schnitzel.

Oddly enough, the morning began as planned. We were awoken by our peaceful and inviting alarms and gleefully Parkour'ed our way 2-3 blocks. We found our tour bus pick-up location quite easily and ahead of schedule - how about that? Therefore a much need plethora of espresso was in my near future. Espresso, check. Delicious German pastry with a name sounding like hacking up phlem, check. Boarding of tour bus, ________ . Apparantly the tour company website was filled with absolute rubbish. The (prepaid) tour I was interested in does not begin until the middle of May whereas the website claimed it was already touring. If that isn't be biggest load of bollocks, I don't know what is. Sorry to be a negative Nancy here, but am I right? Your business model isn't that complicated mr. touring company. Lease/buy buses. Hire competent drivers. Outsource to an upper-division computer science college kid to build your website. Accept funds from customers. I may have found a new industry. Make Euro, Euro! Make Euro, Euro - EUROOOO!

Anyways, transitioning back to reality, we decided to find this local, small Munchen coffee shop - I believe it was named something along the lines of StradtsBrucken... who am I kidding, it was Starbucks - can't really "pretty" that one up. Our time here was spent nurturing our wifi needs and planning an alternative event for the day. We decided that if we couldn't go visit the location where Hitler enjoyed tea in th Alps, then we would experience one of the most tragic locations on earth - Dachau concentration camp and memorial. Kind of went to other way on that one.

It was a somber yet eerily peaceful experience. Over 200,000 came to this specific camp (most likely many more that were never registered). Nearly 45,000 - 50,000 did not make it out alive. I highly recommend the personal audio tour for this visit. You will receive all the information at your own pace, thus giving you a chance to stand and reflect, which I also recommend. Out of respect, I will only post a few pictures. The entrance and gate.


After taking the train back to center city Munchen, we were all in agreement that it was time for an adult beverage. In order to mark another item off the bucket list, we proceeded to Hofbrauhaus. For those Oklahomans, imagine Fassler Hall (Tulsa and OKC) and Royal Bavaria (OKC/Moore) had drunken encounter and nine months later the product was a multi leveled goliath beer hall with liters on the left and on the right. (prepare for another Oprah reference) "YOU get a Liter! And YOU get a liter! and YOU get a liter!" I believe everything breathing within a tenth mile had a liter in hand. Even the babies. It was a fun and beautiful sight.

Misc photos of said location:


Oh and here is me with Glenn from the Walking Dead:

We ended the evening with a long stroll back to the hotel. Oh yeah I may have forgotten to mention that our hotel just happens to be located in the heart of the red light district - TripAdvisor dropped the ball on that description.

Oh hey, look architecture:


And then there's this gem.

(full disclosure - that was not Glenn. All in good fun people)

Peace. Love. and a Life of infinite Twinkies.
Until next time.

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I Wanna Fly Like an Eagle

"Oh man - I'm totes lime green jello" - N. Zarbano. Indeed chap. Indeed.

May 7th:
Come fly away. Come fly away. Come fly away with me.....that is until the most prompt nonstop mode of transportation to the airport (rail) decides to completely be an assface and untimely break up with his life long girlfriend, ms. electricity. Stranded. Not only stranded on a train in a foreign country, but stranded on a train in a foreign country with a cab full of anxious passengers all planning for upcoming flights - just imagine the stress in that windows-sealed cab. People in the back were teaming up and devising how to overcome the "man" if they ever got the moment. The front of the cab was speaking a language unbeknownst to me. I don't believe it was even of this earth. It seemed to be a tongue of another planet. The cabin was muggy and the heat may have been getting to my brain a little.... I believe if someone, intentionally or not, ripped one at this very moment they would have been beheaded and/or jettisoned without fair trial in order to establish precedence. 10 minutes passed. 20 minutes. 45 minutes. After a little over an hour, the train began to move slowly. It was a comical eternity, however, occasionally the driver would come over the intercom and, at first, all the mice on board would stand in attention in hopes of delightful news to come our way, yet none never did. The captain, whom I declared by (internally) yelling "Oh Captain, my Captain!" each time the invisible voice serenaded the train cabs, would always gently voice the fact that he really had no clue when we were going to start moving. Basically, he stated that when the trains started to move... we would be on our way. Extremely insightful he was. One hour and some odd minutes later, we are on our way.

As we neared this mythical airport station, which I determined to be make believe because we were destined to die on these tracks, the pack of wild beasts, belligerent on stress, assembled their numbers at the rear doors while foaming at the mouths with white knuckle death grips on their luggage handles. Doors open. It was like the countdown clock at the beginning of the hunger games and death would come upon them if the did not make their gate by door close. Enough about them.

Debbie and I did the math and accepted the fact that our intended flight would be 2 persons lighter. Therfore we needn't hurry to the gate just to get rejected with a shut door. However, a small bit of their contagion adrenaline overtook me. Seconds after the pack raced off the train I followed suit. I assumed Debbie was behind doing the same. Hundred sprinted through the hallways from the rail tube through the tunnels beneath the airport grounds all with that little hope that we will make it. We will be victorious. As my heart rate increased and the fellow marathoners became a blur, I decided to take a chill pill and join my aunt whom was casually strolling through the chaotic storm and somehow avoiding a trampling. We made it to the airline counter. I attempted to sweet talk/corrupt the cute employee into calling in a mechanical error (or something of the like) in order to delay the plane just 30 minutes. No luck.

The next flight out was the following morning. As much as I loved England, it was time to get to Germany. We had hotels awaiting our awesome beings, oh and the fact that my cousin, Abby0 (State Fair) was at the Munich airport prepared to greet us with a smile that streches from Munich to Tokyo. Crunch time. We checked other airlines. We considered overnight train trips. My cousin Matt was a Godsend and graciously assisted us in finding another flight to Munich departed 3 hours later... from another London airport. Debbie nearly peed her pants in excitement (possibly me portraying my feelings at her expense) okay fine, this was a spontaneous, fun, unknown, interesting adventure. Would we be in London for another night? Would I meet a female Brit because we unfortunately missed our flight and "fate" brought us together as I drank my sorrows from the days disappointment at a nearby pub. (note that I cringed when I typed fate, however it was necessary in order to drive home this tangent of utmost importance). Back to the story, we played the audible card. Caught a car from the London Gatwick airport and sped to London Heathrow. Success. Made it in time to check baggage, grab a bite, and most importantly enjoy one last London pint. Relaxation time. Side note: British Airways is a gold medalist in the skies.

Made it to Munchen. Customs was a breeze. No lost luggage this time. Found the foreign cousin awaiting our arrival. Bless her for her four hour wait. The travel to the hotel was smooth. First meal in Germany was Mediterranean. It was all that was open. Judge me not, lest thou be judged...err something like that.

By the way, said farewell/until next time to the amazing couple and twins. (below)


Sun's out gun's out. Mind is drifting. Take care, Nation.


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This Day in May.

The 6th day of the 5th month, year two zero one five.

Today represenents a day that will live in infamy. Thus far, of nearly thirty years on this planet I have yet to experience this. Nearly half of the city wept as I awoke early to a rainy morn, stepped outside, with hood up, to a day that would forever be ..... the last day of my first trip to London. (insert absurdly accurate weeping bearded emoji here).

I understand if you need to fetch a tissue. Please go right ahead.

We embarked on our hike to the nearest tube. Thankfully the rain was concealing the waterfall of tears for London has torn my heartstrings. Leaving her now would be like having an amazing first date where you click on all levels (even the weird goofy things that nobody could, or even should for, that matter). Then you unbearably withstand to call/text the night of in order to avoid showing all your cards, wait what you think is an appropriate amount of time, and then proceed to phone. The phone rings once. Twice. Thrice. Voicemail of a man speaking. And everyone knows since it is 2015, no one leaves personal voicemails any more (hell sort of like how actually calling people has gone out of style). - Sidebar: I'm not sure what brought about this group think regarding everyone's preference of texting over voice calls. They say it is so much easier yet then they all complain about how hard it is to read someones emotion and tone within a text. Whatever, I'm sure Hitler was behind it somehow. - Anyways, the girl never answers. You realize you wrote the number down wrong and you have no way to contact her (think before facebook days for this one). You can only hope that your paths would cross in the nearest of future. [This is sounding a little odd - maybe it's that wine BA just served us while I'm typing this on our flight from London to Munich (slanted winkey face)].

Cue horrible transition back to the purpose of this blog, sightseeing and experiences in a new country. We began the day with a number of train stops leading us to St Paul's Cathedral. What an absolute beaut. The dome peacefully stretches to the heavens. It is more than a structure. It has become a symbol. As we embarked on our personal audio tour, The first room requests the listener to look up, and absorb the beauty that is the roof above their heads. The millions of pieces of glass which make up the mosaics are a sight unmatched in my experience. As I casually strolled through the nave taking in this historical beauty, I noticed a brunette woman, roughly mid-twenties in age, standing near the front of the high alter. As I watched more closely, I noticed her wiping tears from her eyes. This anonymous soul was unbelievably touched by the the beauty of this timeless art. Unfortunately, pictures would have again sent me to hell/jail if I attempted to take some. (google photos of the cathedral's celing is you have the desire).

Check ya some photos:

So you've got some amazing photos from the top of the cathedral. More pictures of this. Some awesomely odd mate,. A castle. A bridge. A bridge. and then my aunt getting buzzed. Yippity doo dah. Those mechanical wine dispensers area amazing.... said all women ever. Don't lie.

Night ended with some absolutely amazing Indian foods. Said to be the favourite restaurant of branjolini (brad and angela?) in London. It was quite impressive. I may just be a brown after ;) Oh wait, yeah cocktails did make an appearance at some bar nearby which specialized in a watermelon drink... literally - shaken watermelon chunks with liquor. Get after it. Ole Matty boy loved it. He loves the fruit. What can I say? Healthy man.

Nothing interesting to end the eve.
Love it. Live it. And do whatever the hell keeps you being you.


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Happy cinco de... de...beer me?

More Pints. Less Margs.

Why hello there nation. Second day/night in London and it twas a delight.

Big Ben. Westminster Abbey. The Parliament. Nude Cherubs. Hyde Park. Churchill War Rooms (sort of). Buckingham Palace. And new rides for my personal garage (lambos and Farraris).

The cure to jet lag - be awesome. Yeah I thought about getting all deep on that one, but decided... nah better not. So the 5th was a lazy morning filled with bountiful amounts of ideas for things to see and historic grounds to walk on/around. The night before we planned out an amazing flexible itinerary of which only foolish, yet brilliant and wonderful, persons would not be able to follow.... Let's just say alarm set for 8 and we didn't leave the flat to begin this amazing journey until about ... how about noon...yeah that's fair. Rest is for champions.

Before judgement is cast, let me say that we did accomplish all of the aformentioned wonderous adventures. Boom.

I know that last statement was complete bollocks and that you would never judge, however, there is a very slim possibility... and the backspace is just too far away... writing these at night the day after the events take place is a little more challenging than originally thought. Creativity went to bed hours ago...

And to get back on track, after leaving the flat at a universally appropriate and acceptable time of day, only moments passed and we were standing in front of the largest and oldest Ben I've met. Ben jokes... ben jokes... ben jokes...nope i've got nothing. Deal with it. Here is a photo of the great tower


The architecture of this city is absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend investing in a good camera before your visit to London. I'm doing the best with what I have, but definitely should have upgraded my phone. My whimpy S4 camera is nearly obsolete. Had a small world experience while walking around Parliament. While navitating the flood of selfie taking tourists, I stopped for a moment to surreptitiously snap a close up of a guard sporting one hand in his pocket and the other hoisiting a machine gun (read in the voice of the one and only Alanis Morissette - my first love. not really, but really). During this near death photo experience, I noticed a grey silhouette of a man quickly approaching from the west. A grand scent billowed off his person, which reminded me of a pile of fresh samosas - yes the indian pastry of amazingness, thus making this unidentified fair skinned mate all the more interesting. With me being the professional that I am, of course I finished taking my photo prior to turning and attempting to identify the short, ethinically neutral person. Nearly the moment I snapped the photo i noticed the grasp of a blonde hair covered mitt on my right shoulder. I quickly thought to myself, this is it - the beard has finally done me in - I hope Brit jail serves bangers and mash...

As it turned out, it was my cousin Matt. He and his wife Kira were scheduled to "share tea with the Lords" (that may not be 100 percent accurate of a description, however it will have to do). We knew of their private royal tea date from our previous discussion. It just made London feel very small though when out of the hundreds of thousands of selfie taking monsters on the streets we just happened to unintentionally cross paths.

Yes, I have been rambling. I believe it is time for some photos to break up this nonsensical "thought" vomit. Here please find some shots of Parliament, Westminster Abbey (exterior as interior photography is a straight ticket to hell...or so the signs insinuated), Hyde park and Buckingham Palace. Enjoy:


After all this sight seeing and absoption of British culture, it was time to further explore the liquid culture - time for some PUB touring (i.e. drinking)! Found a lovely pub named Shakespeare and enjoyed a pint of London's finest while, of course, my Aunt refilled her wine tank. We ended up at a pub which I believe was called Drayton Arms in South Kensington (if you read it in a soft and lovely British accent, you will wish you lived there).

The conclusion of the evening simply included a late night burger run and some window shopping for a new auto (help me pick one out below).


That is all for the day. May your day be filled with butterflies, unicorns and all things happy.
Good day, Chaps!

Farr, out.

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Planes, lost baggage, ubers, flats, skies, etc...

Get it. Get it.

On May 4th the world reaffirmed that not all airport travel is destined to be vampirically energy sucking, mind-numbing, colon clogging (come on, I cannot be the only one whom is affected by extended travel. Trips of over a couple hours treat this temple-like body as if I just went beast mode on a 2 foot pile of gourmet gouda followed up with a classy assault on a bushel of bananas. Jonathan knows.), unproductive, sleepy,... wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah - the Chicago airport was quite a delight. Continuing with my first/business class travel lifestyle, I coyishly demanded entry into the British Airways Business Lounge. To me this felt like the Beyond area that Bed & Bath keep a secret from the world. Honestly, the only reason I walk into that establishment is in search for this mysterious Beyond... that and I occaisionally give in to the daily 20% off mailbox hogs. Upon entry I was kindly greated by a dark eyed, pleasant human being. She requested my passport, boarding pass, social security number, date of birth, IQ and blood sample. I kid - why would she care of my intelligence? (insert confusing sideways smiling emoji here). So the lounge provided a nice whiskey, meal and free wifi entertainment while I enjoyed my 6 hour layover in the ORD.

I apologize, I noticed I was rambling again. Therefore, I'll attempt to be brief in my description of the 8 hr flight across the pond. Brilliant.

Check out that cabin and lamb dinner...


So we land in London a tad late (about 30 minutes). The weather provided the usual London expectation of depressionly beautiful clear white/grey skies. I haven't found it yet, but I'm nearly certain there is a footnote in Genisis stating that on the second day God created the water and the blue sky for all to enjoy.... except you tea obsessed Brits - may your teeth be brown and your sky be grey. Only being partially serious here, I found some blues today (see following photos). Enough about the sky. I know. After pleasantly spending nearly an hour in search for one of my Aunt's checked luggage, we were off in our Uber traversing towards London central in search for our Air bnb. First time using Uber as well as air bnb. Both were/are working out nicely.

Were are staying in a nice area near Chelsea and Kensington. A short stroll to the Earl Gray train and pubs. The pubs have been swell might I add. After a quick nap for the experienced ;), we headed to a nearby park for my cousin's twins, Bryden and Kensal, 2nd birthday party. Somehow I only managed one photo, but I did catch Bryden digging in the beer chest (see him at the end of the table)


It was a great event. The twins are getting huge. Side note, babies enjoy to stare at me. I'm sure it is the beard or the fact that I am funny looking. Definitely one of those two. Bryden opened up to me quite fast though. For instance, after about 10 minutes we were so tight Bryden looked at me as one homie would look at another, then he offered to share his food. His pre-chewed, moist cracker/cheese straight from his mouth and aimed for my hand. I was like, thanks bro, but I'm full. Only two years of age yet this a Gent.

After the party we visited Matt and Kira's flat and then off to the pub! Wonderful first London meal of Bangers and Mash washed down with local brews. We viewed the domination of Arsenal v Hull at the Pub. Then figured we would call it a night...

The trip home ended up in us finding our way into a "secret" speakeasy named the Goat. A quaint little bar above another, with a dimly lit staircase in the back which led to the top. Wonderful cocktails. Great tunes. Even better company. While Matt was busy adding to his chest forest (sipping a smooth bourbon), I enjoyed a splendid version of a sour (orange addition) and my Aunt greatly enjoyed a Jamaican Me Crazy. Which so happily abliged. Moments later she requested beer nuts and the bar keep apologetically brought out a bowl of olives in attempts to satisfy her craving (btw it is late and the bar is preparing to close). She quickly turned down the olives pointed at me and said, "he wanted the nuts!" We laughed a bit and continued to finish our drinks when out of the blue a bowl of beer nuts appears on our table. How? I did not inquire. All I know is, there was no bowl of nuts. Then there was a bowl of nuts. Then there was not a bowl of nuts. Speaking of nuts:


The uber ride home was eventful. Uturns in the middle of the street and power sliding around corners. Okay, only one of those happened. I kind of want a mini-cooper now.

And here is a little ditty of that one time I choreographed a UK commercial for one of the greats... enjoy! Also, this is my morning wake up dance routine.


I will discuss the 5th at another time. Please forgive the typos, grammatical errors, etc for it is late and I frankly am sleepy.
Cheers, mates.

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Jet Lag City.


Further discussion of flight, tonight's adventures (twins bday party in park, beers at a pub while viewing Arsenal domination, visit to a speakeasy that takes one back, and getting semi lost in an uber in a foreign country) will be discussed manana.

Until then, enjoy these dancing monkeys. ....

Jk just envision youself comfortably positioned in this booth with a choice cocktail in hand...



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Bloody skies.


Some things I've learned thus far: new experiences are fun-ny, they allow slighty dapper yet obviously disheveled bearded men in first class. Alcoholic beverage consumption is mandatory in 1st (i was scolded for a good 45 minutes for ordering a water, preparing the liver for things to come in the Vaterland, then gave in against my will before risking the boot which would cast my 'higher than' being to the rear with the normal folk). The flight was much quicker..... (insert cheesy emoji smile here). I wouldn't be surprised if first class is where Oprah coined the phrase "you get a bloody mary, and you get a bloody mary and you get a bloody mary!" Me and the O are virtually besties now.

Oh yeah, so my rockin auntie D got me in first class/business class for the trip East. Prob should have mentioned that one...

Now in chitown airport and must search for the shuttle to never never land...



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Leg Eins.

all seasons in one day

It shall begin.

Soon I will be in the bean city to meet my Auntie D. "Shortly" after we will skip the pond in hopes of finding the worlds most envied tea and crumpet. Yes. Crumpet. Singular. I mean, hey, I'm only human. Is it even possible to consume a plethora of the world's best, mind blowing "crumpets" in one sitting?

Hmm rambling now. Forgot the Adderall. This blog is going to be interesting....

Happening: T minus 45 min to consume coffee and food and encourage a deus before takeoff. Will Rogers, you so fly. Wink wink.

SideBar: if you are easily offended, circumcised, ethnic, or breathing I guarantee you will find simple, uneducated, not a well thought out conglomeration of perfection in the form of words and photos here. I will strive to add daily.

This is going to be legen.....wait for it....

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